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Reporting Student Achievement (ie report cards)

posted Nov 15, 2017, 2:36 PM by Kelda Logan
Over the last 2 years, the school district has been working with the Ministry of Education and UVic to see if there are ways we can improve reporting.  Your teacher has chosen one of two options for this first term.

Student -Led Conferences have been chosen this term by Ms Lee, Ms Bain, Ms Hingston and Mr McPhee.  This is where your child will demonstrate the learning they have been doing in class with you during the student led conference time, the teacher being part of the process.  You will receive a short "report card" that documents the learning in the conference.   Many of our other teachers will choose student led conferences for the second term of the year.

A report card has been chosen this term by Ms Curtis, Ms Burgess, Ms Michaux, Ms Verlinden, Ms Holmes, and Ms Kerr.  There have been some changes made to the template, so that teachers can include samples of work that demonstrate student ability right in the report.  Parents are able to schedule a parent- teacher conference on November 29th during the early dismissal time.

Summative (final) reports are required for the final term of the year.  Please make sure you touch base with your child's teacher on November 29th if you have any questions or concerns about their progress in class so far this year.