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Raffle Winners

posted Dec 16, 2013, 4:02 PM by Leah Ashford
Congratulations to Catherine Shaw-Pomajzl, winner of the Grand Prize Cord of Wood from SLEGG Lumber!
Quentin Harris Print: McKenna Jason
Spa Massage (by A. Conrad):  Lisa Taylor
Spa Massage (by A. Conrad):  Laura Morgan
Massage by Laura Klein "The Growing Place": Angie Conrad
Thrifty Foods Gift Basket:  Gracie Chang
Wool Socks Knitted by Catherine Shaw-Pomajzl: Dale Lundy
Seaside Restaurant Gift Certificate: Leeann Gordon
Fernwood Cafe Gift Basket: S. French
"Pure" Gift Basket: Tony Copeland
Chocolate Basket made by Grade 1/2 Class: Matt Byron
Chocolate Basket made by Grade 1/2 Class #2: Jodi French
Tea & Coffee Basket made by Grade 4/5 Class: Sandy Brainerd
Gardening Basket made by Kindergarten Class: Dave Collombin
Kitchen Basket made by Grade 2/3 Class: Donna Jenkins
Family Night Gift Basket made by Fernwood Staff/Teachers: Andre R.
Yard Work/Labour By Fernwood Parents: Helen Buck

Winner of Draw for Top Ticket Sellers:  Haylee Guedes  (West of the Moon $25 Gift Certificate)
Top Sellers were: Hudson Scheres, Gabe Carlson, Ryen Dunbar, Kate Dunbar, Abi Guedes, Haylee Guedes, Claudia Clarke!

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who supported the raffle by purchasing tickets or donating items! The PAC will publish the amount raised for the Raffle and the Bake Sale in their forthcoming PAC Meeting Minutes.