Mrs. Walker's Music Video#10- Bohemian Rhapsody- April 28/20

posted Apr 28, 2020, 4:19 PM by Leah Ashford

Hi Everyone! It’s Mrs. Walker,

I hope everyone is well, is spending some extra time with close family members, and is starting to relax into this very quirky existence. If you’re like me, you may have come up with a schedule that’s slowly becoming more comfortable for you and the people in your house. There are no right or wrong ways to do this - if it works for your family, that’s all that matters.  I’m hoping that while you’re keeping up with the usual chores and doing some schoolwork offered by your teachers, you’re also taking the time to do some new, fun things too! I’ve seen some pictures sent to me that show some of you dancing, dressing up in funny costumes, painting beautiful pictures, creating in your garden, and some pictures of you just goofing around with your brothers and sisters! If it’s fun and laughing’s involved, just do it!

I’m checking in with you all today with our tenth video! I’m trying to mix in as many genres (styles) of music as I can, so that you’re all enjoying some familiar kinds of music, as well as new types that might pique your interest. I’ve had so many suggestions from students over the years that have really broadened my own musical bag of tricks. Some of our very best concert pieces have been requests from students ( music that I had never heard before ), but as soon as I listened I knew they were very special pieces of music. I learn A LOT from my fantastic students, and I count on it happening every year. Today’s video was a request from a student in Tanya’s class last year when he was in Grade 4. He loved this song because of it’s Classic Rock style, always went crazy when he heard it, and when I found it performed by this special group, I knew this was the video to play. I hope he is listening this year as a Grade 5 student, and that he and everyone enjoy this terrific version. As always, if you have any questions or comments, just send me an email - I’m happy to answer.

Stay home, stay well, and know that we are all thinking about you and missing you. We’ll see you very soon!


Mrs. Walker

Note: *** If your little ones are easily scared by puppets, please give this video a once-over first, just to be safe. THANK YOU