Introducing "Wellness Wednesday" - Mental Wellness Initiative

posted Apr 9, 2021, 2:33 PM by Leah Ashford   [ updated Apr 28, 2021, 1:12 PM ]
The Salt Spring Health Advancement Network’s Mental Wellness Initiative is comprised of community partners (including SD64) to help develop an understanding, engagement, commitment and support in areas of mental wellness.   Please see the message below for more info.  

The Wellness Wednesday Project is to provide education and support through various inspirational resources with the hope of connecting with the larger community.  In an effort to support families and staff, information and/or links to the Wellness Wednesday Project will be included in our school newsletter.   

The Salt Spring Health Advancement Network’s (SSHAN) Mental Wellness Initiative is funded through grants from Island Health’s Community Wellness Grants, the Salt Spring Foundation including COVID Emergency Preparedness & Relief Funds, and a CRD Grant-in-Aid. A key coalition of providers, community members, and those with lived experience include the local Chapter the Remote and Rural Division of Family Practice, School District #64, Island Health Adult Mental Health & Substance Use, Salt Spring Community Services Society, Salt Spring Community Health Society, Salt Spring Health Advancement Network, Chu’an Society, BIPOC Community Collective Society lead the initiative.

The MWI aims include effective “coordination, cooperation, collaboration, responsiveness and adaptation” in our community “enabling cohesive and personalized mental wellness services towards healthy and well community.” Some of its goals are:

  • To provide a broad community understanding of existing mental wellness services available and how to access them/refer people to them

  • Engaging with the larger community - providers, users and community members - to create a common understanding of mental wellness including understanding of what’s working, and what the needs/gaps are including causes of these

  • Having a summit or series of summits to mobilize addressing some of the needs/gaps/causes

  • A commitment to social justice - ensuring all voices are heard


The Wellness Wednesday Project is designed to provide support and education around mental wellness to the Salt Spring Island community through inspirational and educational resources. Each Wednesday we will share a short written introduction and a video or meme (an image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied, often with slight variations, and spread rapidly by internet users) related to wellness. The Wellness Wednesday Project is part of the MWI's efforts to connect to the larger community.