Inclement Weather Info, Main Roads Only Bus Info & CRD Public Alert Notification

posted Nov 13, 2020, 1:40 PM by Leah Ashford   [ updated Feb 11, 2021, 4:37 PM ]

Please take a minute to refresh yourself with what happens, how you will be notified and where you can find out information if it snows and you decide to send your child to school. If you have any questions, please ask and also provide any updates to your email address if it has changed.  If your child is a bus rider, please look at the Main Roads Schedule that the buses may be doing if the "main roads only" schedule comes into effect for that day. If it comes into effect, we would email to let you know. The schedule can be found here:  THE MAIN ROADS SCHEDULES FOR THE TWO FERNWOOD BUSES #4 AND #5 ARE LIMITED FOR SAFETY REASONS HOWEVER DRIVERS PICK UP ALL ALONG THE WAY (NOT AT CERTAIN STOPS). 

There are different procedures depending on the weather. For example... if buses run normally, we will not notify by email. If buses run on the main roads only schedule, or they do not run at all or if we hear that buses are running differently once students have arrived at school we will send email notification. Other ways to find out are: the district webpage or the Fernwood school news page. If possible, we may also go further by posting on facebook and will change the voicemail message on the school phone. 

Fernwood School Plan in Case of Snow or Inclement Weather 

Sometimes, it is safest to have your child stay home if you know you won’t be able to pick them up due to the possibility of snow or poor road conditions.  Your local area conditions should be taken into consideration as decisions are made centrally where road and snow conditions may be different than yours.  Please sign up to receive CRD Emergency Notifications to help you make good decisions for your area: 

If the District school buses are not running or are operating on “Main Roads Only,” it is decision made for the safety of your child by Transportation Services.  In the early morning before sending your child out to wait at their stop you will receive notification through email, the school news website, the district website  or Facebook. The school phone 250-537-9932 voicemail message will also be changed.   

“Buses running on Main Roads Only Schedule” 

Schools are open as normal. 

Please see the “main roads only” bus schedule on the district website.

“Buses not running, but schools open” 

Most students will likely not attend, but school is open. 

Staff are expected to attempt to come to work.  If impossible or unsafe, staff report to the school nearest to them that they can reach safely, and call dispatch to notify. 

“Schools Closed” 

In extreme cases, schools can be closed due to snow. 

Staff and students are not expected to come to school. 


Sometimes students come to school, and the weather changes, forcing buses to leave early and schools to close early

We will notify parents through email, the website, updated school voicemail, Facebook and we will attempt to call all families we have not heard from.   

Please note that: 

  • It is very IMPORTANT that parents have updated their contact information in the office 

  • It is very important that names of alternate contacts have been given to the office 

  • If we can’t contact a parent or alternate, the student will remain at school until we hear from parents  - Please understand that staff, for safety reasons, may also be needing to leave the school.

  • If parents arrive at school to pick up their children, they are required to let their teacher know 

  • If a student is going to be picked up by an adult other than a parent, the adult picking up must be on the release form– otherwise, we cannot allow that student to leave the school 

  • Please understand that staff, for safety reasons, may also be needing to leave the school as well so if you notice snow outside, please call to inquire - we don't mind!