Fernwood Library: Book with Fun Matching Activity for All Ages & A Book About Adapting to Change

posted Apr 29, 2020, 10:42 AM by Leah Ashford   [ updated Apr 29, 2020, 11:29 AM ]

I hope everybody has books at home that they have been enjoying. Ive been searching and searching for a Library activity that students can do from home and have finally come up with one that goes with the story. ~ Mrs. Jessing (looking after library week of April 27th - thank you Mrs. Jessing!) 


Rhoda's Rock Hunt

By Molly Beth Griffin

Illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell

I really like this book because the main character, Rhoda, loves rocks just like I love rocks. I have spent hours and hours over the years collecting rocks, mostly fossil rocks, and I have a big, and very heavy, box in my house full of the best rocks that Ive found. 


Rhoda also likes collecting rocks and at the end of the story Rhoda does something with her rocks that I have enjoyed doing myself. I thought that maybe you would like to try too. Remember that your creation doesnt have to be the same as Rhodas, and parents and siblings can help. I challenge everybody to send a photo of your best effort to Leah to post on the school website (lashford@sd64.org). I know that everybody has access to lots of rocks, after all, we live on an island nicknamed The Rock. You can access the story using the following link: 


The next book that Im suggesting you listen to is called:

Please Please the Bees

Written and Illustrated by Gerald Kelly

I really like this book because it has some of my favourite creatures in it, bees. For years and years bees were a huge part of my life, my husband was a commercial beekeeper in northern Alberta. He and his partner made an enormous amount of honey every year. 


In this story things change for Benedict, the main character, and he has to adapt to these changes. After youve listened to the story I want you to think about all the changes youve experienced in your lives recently and how youve adapted to those changes. Think about some of the positive things that have come about because of these changes. There are lots of good things that happen when Benedict is forced to change. 


I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did.