Emergency Procedures

posted Jan 25, 2019, 3:00 PM by Leah Ashford   [ updated Jan 25, 2019, 4:16 PM ]

Dear Fernwood Families,

What a lovely January week we have had. It's wonderful to see our kids and staff deeply engaged in rich learning and opportunities for growth. One area of focus in January has been debriefing and planning since the windstorm that occurred in our community.  Meetings have taken place with our Fernwood School staff, the district Health and Safety Team, Senior Administration, and the Parent Advisory CouncilFrom these debrief meetings, we are learning that we have many supplies and procedures in place already and great ideas are being generated to help us become even more prepared for the future.

Our SD64 district homepage has a list of our current Health and Safety Policies and Procedures. Plans will evolve and be updated. The Ministry of Education 'Emergency Planning Guide for Schools' is the framework we are using. Know we are deeply committed and involved in the process.

Fernwood School has its own Emergency Sea Can Container well stocked with emergency supplies, with additions to come. Our school is also the designated North End Emergency Reception Centre for the CRD. We, at the school, have procedures that deal with extraordinary emergencies that may come up in a school day: inclement weather, earthquake, fires and/or 'shelter in place'. We regularly practice these procedures, as well as have supplementary practice drills with ESS. 

I continue to celebrate the deep care and professionalism witnessed both at the school and in the community that day and the days following. In so many ways it brought out the best of humanity.


Shannon Johnston, Principal

Health and Safety Policies and Procedures (Section 3000): https://sd64.bc.ca/policies-and-procedures/