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Important Dates Looking Ahead:

Monday Nov 18            Whole School Meeting 8:45-9:05 (presentations from Mr McPhee's Class and Ms Verhaeghe's Class)
SS Literacy One-to-One Volunteer Readers here in the morning
Photo Retake Day in Music Room (photo proofs were delivered to school and have been sent home)
Magic Club in the Library at Lunch
Tuesday Nov 19Chess Club in the Library at Lunch
SS Literacy One-to-One Volunteer Readers here in the morning
"Askable Adult" Presentation at Fernwood 
Wednesday Nov 20 PAC Fun Lunch 
Lions Vision Screening for all students - with SS Lions Volunteers
Knitting Club in the Library at Lunch
SS Literacy One-to-One Volunteer Readers here in the morning
Thursday Nov 21 Cedars and Arbutus and Saplings (all 3 nature classes) to Ruckle Park
Craft Club in the Library at Lunch
Tuesday Nov 26 Fernwood PAC Meeting 6:30 pm at the highschool Library - Emergency Preparedness Theme
Thursday Nov 28 Early Dismissal Day at Ferwnood - Student Led Conferences in the afternoon - info coming from Teachers 
Saturday Nov 30District Configuration Review "Thought Exchange" deadline (see post below)
Wednesday Dec 4 PAC Fun Lunch 
Mon Dec 9, Tue Dec 10, Thurs Dec 12 Concert Rehearsals 8:45a.m. sharp 
Thursday Dec 12Holiday Concert 6:00 - 7:00 pm (children must be in classroom by 5:40 pm)       
Raffle Draw During Concert! funds to playground upgrade 
Week of Dec 16-19 Students Involved in RRRR Choosing - lots of parents needed for choosing, wrapping, etc! 
Thursday Dec 19    Last Day of School before Holiday Break - Report Cards Home 
Thursday Feb 4 'Parenting with Heart' Workshop (see post below to register for free) 

Coming Together "In Song"

posted Nov 15, 2019, 4:05 PM by Leah Ashford

We have very exciting news! As a follow up to the Choir's CBC Music Challenge they participated in Oct 30 with music Teacher, Whitney Walker the combined SSE and Fernwood Choir have been invited to perform at the beginning of this Friday's event at Fulford Hall "Songs & Stories". The host of this event is Grant Lawrence and he is the host behind the Canadian Music Challenge. 

This is the link for the event which shows who is also performing:

Have a wonderful time tonight if you decide to take your child to this event! We are very proud of how Ms Walker has brought our schools together in song for this unique experience. 

Bus Notes Required - please read!!

posted Nov 15, 2019, 3:55 PM by Leah Ashford   [ updated Nov 15, 2019, 4:09 PM by Kelda Logan ]

There has to be a note with children from their parents or guardians who would like their child to either ride the bus home with a friend or to be dropped off someplace other than their regular stop. 

This is for the safety of the children so everyone is informed. 

A simple "my dad said" is not enough. 

If a child gets on the bus saying this, it adds confusion on the bus and holds us up leaving the school on time. Our buses, when they finish their Fernwood run, must then do the high school run and those students are in turn late leaving, making further issues.   

 If a child does not have a note, they will not board the bus and will come in and phone home for pick up instead of phoning for permission late in the day, getting voicemail etc, and holding up the departure of the bus. 

Your child, all other students and parents, your Teacher, the office staff and the Bus Drivers appreciate your cooperation with this.

Write on the Rock Children's Book Festival Saturday, Nov 16th

posted Nov 15, 2019, 3:42 PM by Leah Ashford

Please see the attached poster and spread the word about the first Write On The Rock Children's Book Festival! It's Saturday, November 16th 11:00 - 1:30 at the SSI Public Library. All ages are welcome to come and learn about creating children's picture books and graphic novels! 

Bus Safety Talks Held this Week

posted Nov 15, 2019, 3:39 PM by Leah Ashford

Julianna, driver for Bus 5 and Rowan, driver for Bus 4, were here at Fernwood on Wednesday to hold  “Bus Safety” talks and a tour of a bus for all students at Fernwood School.  Students learned the proper procedure for crossing the street safely to and from the school bus and also how good behaviour on a school bus impacts positively on everyone's safety.   

Refer to the attached Bus Schedule for when we are notified it is Main Roads due to Poor Weather

posted Nov 15, 2019, 3:36 PM by Leah Ashford

Paper handouts of this message have been sent home in backpacks today along with the a.m. and p.m. schedules for our Bus 4 and 5. 

Sometimes, it is safest to have your child stay home if you know you won’t be able to pick them up due to the possibility of snow or poor road conditions.  Your local area conditions should be taken into consideration as decisions are made centrally where road and snow conditions may be different than yours.  Please sign up to receive CRD Emergency Notifications to help you make good decisions for your area: 

If the District school buses are not running or are operating on “Main Roads Only,” it is decision made for the safety of your child.  In the early morning before sending your child out to wait at their stop you will receive notification through email, the school website, the district website or Facebook. The school phone 250-537-9932 voicemail message will also be changed.   

“Buses running on main roads only” 

Schools are open as normal. 

Please see the “main roads only” bus schedule on the district website and attached to this notice. 

“Buses not running, but schools open” 

Most students will likely not attend, but school is open. 

Staff are expected to attempt to come to work.  If impossible or unsafe, staff report to the school nearest to them that they can reach safely, and call dispatch to notify. 

“Schools Closed” 

In extreme cases, schools can be closed due to snow. 

Staff and students are not expected to come to school. 


Sometimes students come to school, and the weather changes, forcing buses to leave early and schools to close early. 

We will notify parents through email, the website, updated school voicemail, Facebook and we will attempt to call all families we have not heard from.   

Please note that: 

·        It is very IMPORTANT that parents have updated their contact information in the office 

·        It is very important that names of alternate contacts have been given to the office 

·        If we can’t contact a parent or alternate, the student will remain at school until we hear from parents 

·        If parents arrive at school to pick up their children, they are required to let their teacher know 

·        If a student is going to be picked up by an adult other than a parent, the parent should call or email the office to let us know – otherwise, we cannot allow that student to leave the school 

·        Please understand that staff, for safety reasons, may also be needing to leave the school as well so if you notice snow outside, please call to inquire - we don't mind! 


PAC Winter Raffle...message from YOUR PAC!

posted Nov 15, 2019, 3:27 PM by Leah Ashford

It's time for the annual PAC Winter Raffle. This year we are holding a cash raffle instead of basket raffle. Your child should have received two booklets of tickets to sell - valued at $40. Please return cash & ticket stubs (name & number) back to school on Monday, December 9th. The draw will happen on Thursday, December 12th at the Winter Concert. Tickets are $2 each. All proceeds from sales go towards new playground equipment. 

Prizes to be Won
1) $1,000
2) $500
3) $100
4) $100
5) $50

The class that sells the most tickets will win a Pizza Party on December 19th. Please write your child's name and teacher name on the back of the booklet prior to handing them in. Extra tickets are available in the office if you want to sell extra tickets. 

Group sales have been arranged, if you feel you will have trouble selling, please considering attending one. Ask a friend to join you. Tuesday, November 26th & December 3rd in front of Country Grocer. This is a great way to sell all your tickets in a short time. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...Regift!

posted Nov 15, 2019, 3:18 PM by Leah Ashford

\Collection Bins in the front hall been filling up! Thank you! We still need many more items so please gather items and drop them off anytime!  see poster attached

Do you like gift wrapping? Sorting? Setting up items? Helping students choose gifts?
The RRRR Gift Exchange is a much-cherished tradition at Fernwood School. Each December, students have the opportunity to choose a personalized, secondhand gifts for each of their family members and have those gifts wrapped, all for free. This sweet event is eco-friendly and brings together many values promoted at the school. It is also requires great volunteers to plan and setup the temporary shop! Natasha Kong and Elizabeth FitzZaland have volunteered to lead the coordination this year, and are excited to get started. They are looking for a few other parents to help so that the load is a bit lighter and the planning is more fun. Please contact Natasha at or 250-537-7253 

Helmet Fitting - from ordering at the Water & Wheel Event

posted Nov 15, 2019, 3:11 PM by Leah Ashford

Sean Mulligan and Elizabeth FitzZaland have let us know that the helmets are ready. They would very much like to make sure the helmet fits your child properly. They will be here next week on a recess break to gather students together and give them their helmet and assess its proper fitting. 

Snow Pass for Grade 4s and 5s

posted Nov 15, 2019, 3:09 PM by Leah Ashford

The Canadian Ski Council is helping families embrace the opportunity for their children to ski and snowboard affordably by providing a SNOWPASS, Information cards will go home with all Grade 4 and 5 students letting them know about how to get a pass. 

Photo Retakes

posted Nov 15, 2019, 3:03 PM by Leah Ashford

Only 6 students were absent for photo day. These students will go for retakes and only those whose parents ask them to go. Proofs were delivered to Fernwood this week. If you are sending your child for retakes, please tell your child to let their Teacher know so that they can go to the Music Room to have it done. Lifetouch is only here for a short duration Monday for retakes and they won't want to miss it. 

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